COMPAS is Parifex latest sensing solution. It can be used in multiple situations in order to manage traffic road safety.

Indeed, it detects all objects in its field of view at 360 degrees, static and moving (pedestians, cyclist and vehicles).

It tracks different targets and can detect multiple informations about them like dimension, direction, speed, distance, classification.

Currently, we are working on autonomous vehicles projects with it. Also, it can be used for smart parking, smart city, or security matters for instance).


  • Detects all static and moving objects (pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles…)
  • Simultaneous discrimination of multiple targets
  • Vehicle profiling (dimensions, distance, speed, etc…)
  • Large field of view (up to 360°)
  • Rapid data acquisition time
  • Resistant to any extreme weather conditions
  • Immunity to lighting variations (during daytime and at night).
  • Light and compact
  • One single sensor for multiple enforcement

The COMPAS system exists in two versions, with or without camerra, depending on the needs.

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