Indeed, up to now, detecting multiple violations at the same time is not an easy task, especially with one single system, that’s why we are always developping our products.

This version with Lidar technology will be able to detect multiple violations of one vehicle thanks to it car tracking system.

Equipped with a sensor Lidar 3D, this new radar permit to control multiple violations :

  • Speed measurement in to direction of control
  • Red light crossing
  • Multiple lane control
  • Vehicle classification
  • Safety distance
  • Dangerous overtaking

The main advantage, in addition to all its functionalities, is that it can be easily integrated to any type of environment (urban or extra urban) as it can be installed directly on street furniture (mast, candelabrum,  building…).

It is also non-intrusive and therefore does not require major civil engineering work.


It is also already designed to add additional features, to control the following offenses:

  • Different types of red light enforcement (directional, anticipation, flashing…)
  • Bike lanes crossing
  • Respect of stop signal
  • Phone use while driving
  • Seatbelt control
  • Pedestrian priority
  • Lateral distance control
  • Driving in Forbidden lanes
  • Non respect of no-entry signs
  • Crossing of continuous line
  • Right-of-way violations
  • Automatic Number Plate Reading

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