PARIFEX speed control systems are designed to facilitate maintenance by technical teams:

  • Easy access (front and back doors).  
  • Easy replacement of faulty equipments (time saving)
  • Remote maintenance from the PAP-PFX monitoring software via alarm management and remote management of on-site equipment (settings, restarts, software updates, settings, …)
  • Provision of installation and maintenance guides for intervention teams

The use of the PAP-PFX supervision software (via ADSL, 3G / 4G, ISDN, etc.) allows an efficient monitoring of the state of the equipment and thus ensures an optimized maintenance of the radar fleet.


PARIFEX ensures the after-sales service of its speed control system via its assembly workshop:

  • Monitoring equipment status
  • Preventive maintenance (periodic inspection of the cinemometers)
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Technical assistance
  • Management of spare parts.

The PARIFEX workshop is in charge of carrying out the diagnosis and repairing the equipment. Upon receipt and after diagnosis, the parts are either destroyed (with certificate of destruction) or entered into the SAV process (exchange or repair).

Using its CMMS tool, the workshop monitors the evolution of breakdown rates and systematically proposes technical improvements to improve the MTBF of the equipment and thus decrease for our customers the cost of maintenance.

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