This one is the latest model developped. You have same functionalities of the Vigie 2 with the additional « double-side » option which allows to take 2 pictures : front and rear of the vehicle.

This Lidar based equipment can monitor multiple lanes and detects all vehicles fully automatically in both direction of traffic. In addition of measuring the speed of multiple vehicles simultaneously.

VIGIE-02 DSI can identify the offending vehicle from a hundred meters upstream and automatically classifies the category of vehicle and adapt the speed threshold accordingly (trucks, passenger cars, coaches, motorcycles…).

​The use of the LiDAR as a tracking device ensures a high accuracy and reliable measurement even in difficult measurement conditions (tailgating, change of directions heavy traffic etc…).


  • Instantaneous speed measurement up to 250 km/h
  • Double side interception
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Multiple lane control
  • Vehicle identification (accurately detects the offending vehicle even in heavy traffic)
  • Vehicle classification (variable speed limits according to the type of vehicle)
  • Two direction control
  • Vandal proof

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