Good procurement management is key to the success of a project. This is one of PARIFEX’s priorities in order to guarantee the best rate of equipment availability and the smooth running of radar supply contracts.

PARIFEX has implemented procurement and inventory management processes, through a CMMS tool and an experienced Supply-Chain team (logistics, purchasing, procurement, etc.). It benefits particularly from the experience of managing flows in previous speed control supply contracts.
In order to be able to carry out replenishments, all the information necessary for the smooth functioning of the Supply-Chain comes from the CMMS. These are the theoretical (or actual) inventories of each site, past consumption to estimate future consumption, repair and supply times, lot sizes and outstandings.
In addition, a person is responsible, within the Supply-Chain unit, for the quality of the information and procedures required for the smooth operation of the CMMS so that all processes (purchases, reassortments, after-sales service, deliverables …) can be carried out properly.
Each movement being entered in the CMMS, traceability of equipment is perfectly guaranteed.

  • An experienced supply chain team (logistics, purchasing, procurement, …)
  • Long experience with CMMS tools (since 2010), in previous speed control markets as well as in engineering contracts.


PARIFEX relies for the management of its production and the delivery of equipment on its own assembly workshop (dedicated to manufacturing and maintenance).

The assembly workshop includes :

  • A simulation bench
  • A sensor checkbench
  • A « out of factory » test bench
  • An electronic workshop
  • The tooling required for inventory
  • L’outillage nécessaire au montage
  • A stock of parts (after-sales + production)

This 400 m² workshop currently offers PARIFEX a production capacity of 40 VIGIE equipments per month. It can be easily increased according to customer needs.


As part of product improvement, the study of new technologies, the development of new systems and their certification, the R&D unit regularly conduct test at the workshop or on site (roads or racetrack).

The R&D unit has the following technical and material resources :

  • Speed control equipment
  • Test bench
  • Cameras and PC
  • Test sites certified by the LNE (PK13 on the A10, PK0 at Gif sur Yvette and racetrack at Morte Fontaine)
  • Surveyor equipped with tacheometer and theodolite COFRAC connected for all the tests.
  • Rental of heavy vehicles (trucks) and race cars with pilots for the racetrack tests.

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