Webinar – Speed Control : how to improve the user safety?

Webinar - Speeding Control : how to improve the user safety?

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Webinar: how to improve the user safety?

During your webinar – speed control, discover how the increase in urban travel and road use has brought with it an increase in dangerous behaviour on city streets – especially speeding. In order to ensure the safety of every road user, cities must rely on dependable solutions that guarantee speed control in urban areas. 

Summary of the webinar:

> Increase in urban travel and road use

> How to be facing dangerous behaviour (speed, priority, smartphone…)? 

> Issues of speeding management on roads and urban areas

> How to ensure the safety of every road user?

> Reliable solutions able to accurately identify infringement: double-side recognition of the vehicle, precise speed measurement through LiDAR-3D technology, etc.

Nathalie Deguen

Head of Sales for speed control systems at PARIFEX


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