The French city of Dijon bets on urban data to transform the city

The French metropolis of Dijon is using urban data to become a smart city

Digitalisation of public spaces is one of the main issues for cities to remain attractive. That is why the French city of Dijon has built a transformation plan to become a smart city. Urban data, connected buildings, smart lighting, hydrogen bus, citizen’s portal… Dijon has started a comprehensive project putting inhabitants at the center of transformations.

Citizens at the center of the transformation

Inhabitants are key players in the transformation of cities whether it deals with a small town or a large metropolis. Not only are they the first one involved by changes, but they also must be actors of them.

That is why Dijon has designed a transformation plan for an intelligent territory through urban data collection, connected buildings, smart lighting, hydrogen bus… 

Smart City collecte de données

An ambitious project

The Dijon’s digitalisation strategy is a comprehensive project that aims to offer a pleasant urban space. Regarding lighting, 34.000 equipements are already connected and managed in real time. At night, they come on when they detect a movement which has enabled to save 65% of energy.

The visionary metropolis goes even further and has invested 150 million euros to successfully complete the project. Moreover, the city puts all inhabitants at the heart of the project.

Recently, a collaborative portal, designed by and for people, has been released. This mobile app enables to highlight urban problems, such as traffic difficulties, accidents on the road, etc. People become the major players of the project by sharing in real time the issues they are facing across the streets and their experience as users of municipal utilities.

A precious urban data collection

The portal enables the city to get not only grievances but also data that will be useful to get analysis and statistics of recurrent needs and expenses. Once the database is done, the metropolis easily could define the main issues to focus on.

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