Dangerous behavior, how to resist the temptation of notification

Homme qui conduit dans les embouteillages

Dangerous behavior, or how to resist the temptation of notification

In 2023, the number of people killed and injured on France’s roads was lower than in 2022. A significant reduction, to be sure, but one we can all be pleased about. However, we are confronted with dangerous behavior every day, whether in town, out of town or on motorways.

Deaths figures are decreasing on our roads

We can delight thath the number of people killed on the roads in France has decreased by 3% on 2022, or some 3,000 people*. In addition, the number of serious injuries has also decreased by 2% on the previous year, or 16,000 people*.

Unsurprisingly, suburban roads continue to account for the majority of fatal accidents, with 59% of fatalities*.

Finally, the motorway remains the most dangerous place to drive, since the number of deaths has risen by 4%, mainly among motorcyclists, pedestrians and heavy goods vehicles*.

Stop dangerous behavior

9 out of 10 drivers admit to regularly exceeding the speed limit by a few km/h. This infringement has even almost turned into a tragedy for 16% of them, **. It’s a fact: dangerous behavior remains one of the main roots of accidents.

Excessive speed, fatigue, telephone use, touch-screen dashboards…, our attention is caught by a plethora of distractions that take our eyes dangerously off the road. And the temptation is great when the notifications keep ringing. Is there any real danger when I am stuck in traffic? How about just a glance?

Unfortunately, the danger is very real. Using the phone while driving multiplies the risk of an accident by 23. And there are many consequences for the driver and for the road users around him, such as increased braking time, irregular trajectory, sudden braking… 

Dissuading and protecting

Prevention is better than cure. That is what speed cameras are all about, whether they are educational, speed or red-light running cameras. Above all, they have a preventive role to play. Placed in accident-prone areas, speed cameras make drivers aware not only of their speed, but also of the danger to which they – and other drivers – are exposing themselves when they exceed the speed limit. Above all, it is a dissuasive solution designed to influence behavior: a speed camera instantly makes drivers slow down. And the awareness of a speed camera is enough to make local residents’s vehicles slow down as well.

All have a common objective: to ensure safety and make areas less accident-prone.

*Bilan de l’accidentalité 2023 – ONISR

**Vinci Autoroutes Foundation

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