PODCAST 🎙️ – PARIFEX answers Intelligent Transport questions about the future of traffic management

PARIFEX takes part to the Intelligent Transport podcast to talk the present and future of traffic management, and its importance in shaping our cities today and tomorrow.

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In this podcast, Intelligent Transport Editor Luke Antoniou talks traffic management with Parifex’s Nathalie Deguen.

Data is key to modern traffic management – in this podcast, Nathalie explains why this is, how data is being collected and used to help city authorities make better informed decisions, and how these decisions are in turn making traffic management more efficient.

Nathalie also details the role of traffic management today in helping to support cities’ wider policy objectives, from reducing congestion, to boosting capacity and fighting climate change. There’s discussion of how the latest technologies can help cities better understand how their infrastructure is being utilised, and how this is crucial for shaping the future of urban planning and mobility.

Further, we also discuss the work of Parifex now and in the future, with Nathalie detailing how the company’s 3D-LIDAR technology works and the upcoming pilot project in conjunction with the French Ministry of Ecology.

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