Local renewable energies: what if we become our own energy producer?

As renewable energies must be at least 23% in 2020 and at least 32% in 2030 of the French final energy consumption¹, territories must play a major role in the current context of ecological transition. Local renewable energies and diversified power sources are a great asset for territories and consumers who benefit from lower cost green energy. Geothermal, wind, biomass…, energies are produced according to local needs and depending on the specific features and resources of each territory. The production of clean energy is an issue for companies as well that could benefit from the local production advantages.

Production depends on local people’s needs

There are different kinds of renewable energy such as hydraulic, wind, solar, and bio energy. Each community must consider its specific features in order to produce appropriate power to the local use in a good legal frame. There are three major ways to produce renewable energy:

  1. Electricity (as solar and wind energy) ;
  2. Heat (as wood and solar) ;
  3. Gas (methanisation).

An analysis of the territory is necessary to map a global view of the local economic players, the existing local channels and the different power sources. The cooperative clean energy production enables to improve the local governance, encourage the co-construction, and make citizens understand the issues. 

Nowadays producing energy suffers high costs of production, delivery, etc., and requires huge area of land. What if territories create small power stations as closely as possible to users? Everyone could produce its own energy. Close to Paris, people are encouraged to find local renewable energy stations. Some neighborhoods have bet on geothermic production and solar panels generate needed heat. It is also an attractive solution for energy providers since the unused power is redirected to traditional channels.

Involving companies in the process of local renewable energies

More and more companies tend to initiate a reflection on their consumption and produce their own renewable energy. This new way of production seems to be one the major solutions to achieve regulated carbon neutrality and then reduce their impact on climate change. Reducing the carbon balance is the very first step to control the company impact on climate change². The French Ecological Transition Agency has created funds to support companies with an energy program³.  Some of them already produce their own energy such as the Algerian LR1 pipeline equipped with solar panels that produce only the necessary power. PARIFEX helps companies to search generating equipment and, supply, and install generating equipments wordwide.

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