PARIFEX exhibits at the Virtual ITS European Congress, from November, 9-10. PARIFEX is also proud to have recently joined the prestigious list of the organization official partners. ERTICO – ITS EUROPE is a major actor in traffic and transport industry focusing on Connected & Automated Driving, Urban Mobility, Clean Mobility, and Transport & Logistics.

ITS European Congress Exhibitor and ERTICO – ITS EUROPE Member

PARIFEX is thrilled to exhibit at the 2020 ITS European Congress, November 9-10. This virtual edition promotes intelligent mobility and digitalization of transport. Visitors only need to connect to a plateform to attend conferences, get content, meet professional exhibitors and experts, etc. And this year, PARIFEX takes part as special exhibitor since the company is recently a member of ERTICO – ITS EUROPE.

PARIFEX, the new smart mobility player among ERTICO – ITS EUROPE partners

The French company can now rely on the organization international influence. As the main European smart transport representative, the organization has obviously decided to support the PARIFEX demand. Indeed, the French company, specialized in traffic management solutions, helps cities and local authorities in their digitalization.

A complete programm

During the congress, PARIFEX will show its solutions dedicated to meet the goals of smart cities to improve the urban traffic, such as the NANO-CAM. This LiDAR-3D based intelligent sensor, including a camera, is able to get data and statistics of the traffic in real time in order to analyze and improve the flows. It allows a better traffic management by collecting a large number of information such as the vehicle classification, speed measurement, vehicle counting, etc.

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Risk Project Management – Why is a Risk Analysis necessary?

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NEWSLETTER #1 – Editorial by Franck Peyré, PARIFEX CEO

Dear Partners,

I am very pleased to write the editorial of the PARIFEX first newsletter that aims to maintain the privileged relationship between our teams and you. Firstly, I hope you and your families are doing well in this special time.

I would like to share with you the news and trends of our activities in engineering, road safety and Smart Cities great projects. Indeed, despite the context, PARIFEX has succeeded in strengthening its activities through various actions.

We easily enable teleworking through a strong business continuation plan. Then, the company keeps up the numerous developments while ensuring a safe work environment to all the employees.




PARIFEX has also hired almost 20 employees since early this year in order to strengthen each departments, and especially the Research & Development team to support the innovations in speed control systems and smart cities. Indeed, we have noticed our customers needs to be supported for their cities digitalization and smart mobility great projects. That is why we decided to build a team dedicated to Smart Cities projects.

Finally, we will soon offer a training catalogue in order to share with you our savoir-faire and improve our services throughout your projects. You could choose to train your employees on skills such as AI, safe operation, project management (PMI), etc.

In this last quarter of the year, as we approach 2021, all the PARIFEX teams are at your side to help you to meet the ambitions of you great projects for the future.

How Data Collection helps Cities to become Smarter

Traffic data collection is a key topic for cities and mobility digitalization. According to the United Nations, 68% of the world population will live in a city by 2050*, that is why cities are hurrying up to optimize population flows and provide efficient means of transport. It is time for cities to go forward through innovating environment friendly transport

Collecting data, the first step toward smart city

Data collection is a substantial step to successfully digitalize cities and their urban planning. And precise statistics on mobility services are necessary, such as:

  • The daily number of vehicles
  • The classification
  • The most usual routes…

To make data collection possible, sensors set up throughout the city are able to determine the position of fixed and mobile objects, classify vehicles, measure speed, track vehicles, monitor flows, etc. Unlike a basic camera, a 3D LiDAR based sensor allows a 360-degree analysis during both day and night and in any weather conditions.

The attractivity top challenge

The growing number of inhabitants and vehicles leads to the increase in traffic jams and carbon emissions, and has a direct impact on the urban environment. Urban means of transports have to be reviewed in order to reduce their impact on the environment, health and security and allow city to remain attractive. Cities face up to the both economic and ecological challenge to deploy cleaner public transport in order to improve circulation flows. It is possible to easily regulate the traffic jams and carbon emissions through functionalities such as vehicle counting and tracking and the real time management of red lights. However, a deep analysis of data is obviously necessary to improve urban installations.

Autonomous vehicles rising

A data collection solution is mandatory to deploy autonomous vehicles as well. Systems able to analyze the environment such as the 3D LiDAR based NANO, designed by PARIFEX, allows to optimize routes and security by guiding vehicles in roundabouts or intersections. The 3D LiDAR sensor can detect all the fixed and mobile objects in a 360-degree field of vision and ask the autonomous vehicles for slowing down or stopping guaranteeing safe travel.

Through the NANO-CAM, including a camera, the 3D LiDAR technology allows to control many other situations, such as car park availabilities, and violations like speeding, running red lights, crossing the stop line, etc.

*Comment la mobilité verte va contribuer à la Smart City de demain, Gweltaz Le Coz, La Tribune

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Road Safety Challenges

Regarding road safety, the World Health Organisation states that road traffic injuries will represent one of the main cause of death in the world. In Europe, almost 40,000 people per year lose their lives in road accidents*.

The French government considers road safety as national issue and invested almost  270 million euros in 2018**.

Governments have to control speed on motorways and cities, ensure security to drivers, and improve traffic in order to reduce the number of accidents. 

A speed enforcement system has to allow to reduce the number of injuries through many functionalities. PARIFEX innovating and LiDAR 3D based solutions are able to provide the accurate vehicle identification and reliable real time datas on road traffic.


**2018 French road safety overview

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WEBINAR – Optimize your Real-Time Data Collection

Smart Infrastructure for a New Mobility

Optimized mobility, real-time data collection, traffic management, speed enforcement, autonomous vehicles, etc.,  discover how to improve the collection of your traffic data. 

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